Holiday Photo Advice



On holidays we are at our most relaxed and most of us love to capture special moments with our families while away. Here is a simple guide to taking holiday photographs.

Try to fit in three points of interest. For example, in the picture above we have the table of interesting food, the person smiling and the background. Try to make sure that the image is simple without too much distraction. For example, in this image I made sure there was nobody walking past either in the restaurant or on the beach. Try out a few angles, this may involve moving the camera higher and lower and tilting it a little. Most cameras these days have great auto settings, but the placement of the camera itself can make a really big difference to the picture.

A service I am adding to Esselle Pictures from this month is your holiday photo edit. I am able to take your pictures and retouch them, giving them a natural appearance, taking out any unwanted blemishes and editing the pictures to make them really zing. I will give them the same care and attention I would any of my own images. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Prices start at £45.

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