Pictures with heart & soul, photography with a feminine touch.

Why choose Esselle Pictures?
Esselle Pictures is not a studio shop portrait business, neither is it a business bringing the studio to your home. I specialise in unique portraits tailored to you as an individual or family. My pictures are creative and no two photo-shoots are the same. They can be taken at any location of your choice and I will help you create a story for your picture. Whether you choose at home, outside or at a meaningful location to you, one thing is guaranteed, your pictures will not look ordinary, fake or ‘over photo-shopped’. They will be as unique as you are with beautiful expression and light and natural retouching afterwards.

Some of my pictures look as though they have been taken at family events or as though a photographer just happened to be there for the picture-moment. However, each and every picture was planned in advance to reflect the way each family lives their life, and was taken in complete calm with no scrambling to capture the moment before it was missed. My warm and approachable personality with adults and children alike helps us create a light and happy atmosphere. I help you to create moments you want to capture and often clients say they enjoyed the session so much that it will become a fond family memory. I take this as a great compliment.

Portraits are not a sideline for me as they are for many photographers; instead they are what I specialise in. As a Specialist, every portrait is important to me. I get involved with your styling and make-up. I take the time to get the perfect pictures of you with the best expressions. I even show you how the pictures are looking during the shoot and listen to your feedback. Sessions can last up to an hour and a half, which is a lot more than at a studio and more than a lot of local photographers will give you.

Whether you would like a family portrait, child’s portrait, pregnancy portrait or any other type of portrait, please fill in a contact form and together we will create something especially for you.
Sarah Linthorst, Esselle Pictures Photographer & MD

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