Little Stars at Brighton!



These pictures were taken during stormy weather at Brighton this weekend. There was an amazing upbeat atmosphere as we all braved it together. The second picture is a flock of starlings who also joined the party. At this time of year you have a pretty good chance of seeing them all grouped together doing their aerobatics on the coast. Its phenomenal to watch.

Portrait Posture



During a recent shoot at Coombe Woods, Croydon, we got a picture of me sitting in a tree at a very bad angle. It makes me look very weird indeed! When you compare this with the picture I took of my client above, you can see the difference that the angle of the camera, as well as positioning a client nicely, can make. Yes, portrait posture really is important!

How we do love to be beside the seaside!


I captured this joy filled image in the very late summer on the same day as yesterday’s post. I can give away the secret to the amazing atmosphere that filled the West Sussex coast that day – it was early October and really hot! A rarity indeed in this part of the world and an unexpected gift.

“Exploring by The Light of the Moon”

Walker Portrait

I took this portrait in late summer on the West Sussex Coast. It is my husband in the picture. He loves exploring, and will identify species of birds when he goes walking. I think this image captures his personality perfectly, as he enquiries and seeks to discover. I love combining my love of the beautiful outdoors with artisitic portrait photography.

Wild Deer Roaming Around London!


Yes these deer live in London’s Richmond Park Nature Reserve. In fact the deer were here long before London as we know it. The park is miles wide and although managed, left mainly to nature. People love this park so much they even get married inside it, at its Pembroke Lodge manor house. I was fortunate to grow up very nearby and have many fond family memories here. Nowadays I love to visit and capture pictures here and the Royal Parks is one of the charities I support.

“Fit of the Giggles” Portrait South Croydon

Girl with Giggles

Its a funny story how this picture came about (!) It was a really windy Autumn day, just before a recent storm here in London. There was something in the air and I was doing a portrait shoot. I came up with the idea to try to get an image of my client trying to catch the amber leaves as they blew around. We had a lot of fun trying, and the total mania that ensued created the best picture.