Autumn Fuze…on

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As Summer comes to an end and Autumn begins, its a wonderful time of year to capture amazing outdoor photographs here in Croydon.

For me, these two pictures explore the diversity that can be found in our suburb and the fusion that we create together.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your Autumn/Fall too.

Esselle Pictures X

Holiday Photo Advice



On holidays we are at our most relaxed and most of us love to capture special moments with our families while away. Here is a simple guide to taking holiday photographs.

Try to fit in three points of interest. For example, in the picture above we have the table of interesting food, the person smiling and the background. Try to make sure that the image is simple without too much distraction. For example, in this image I made sure there was nobody walking past either in the restaurant or on the beach. Try out a few angles, this may involve moving the camera higher and lower and tilting it a little. Most cameras these days have great auto settings, but the placement of the camera itself can make a really big difference to the picture.

A service I am adding to Esselle Pictures from this month is your holiday photo edit. I am able to take your pictures and retouch them, giving them a natural appearance, taking out any unwanted blemishes and editing the pictures to make them really zing. I will give them the same care and attention I would any of my own images. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Prices start at £45.

Children’s Portrait, South Croydon – Todler Full of Beans!




My Mum always talked about ‘Plan B’ when I was growing up. A good photographer will always have a plan B up their sleeve, but when working in all weathers and doing children’s portraits, the chances of plan B coming in to play are pretty high!

Yesterday, as we began a garden shoot the heavens opened. We went to plan B, parent’s sitting room, but little Zayn was not in the mood to sit still! So all plans were abandoned as Zayn decided on how his shoot was going to be… He explored and played til his heart was content, as I followed him around in ‘paparazzi’ mode. Adaptability is the name of the game on a children’s shoot and I was happy to do so.

The portraits are cute and playful, just like the shoot was. View the whole collection in the Gallery page.

When is the ‘best time’ for a maternity portrait?







Every pregnancy is unique to the individual. The usual advice is that around six months is a good time for your maternity photo-shoot. Many women feel good at this stage and the bump will be clearly visible by now. However, having worked with women on their pregnancy pictures, I know there are no rules.

Some women’s experience does not follow the usual pattern. They may feel unwell at six months, but at eight months have some time off work and can relax and enjoy having pictures taken. This is a time full of anticipation and can produce great pictures.

Equally, women have a changing relationship with their bodies during pregnancy. You may reach a stage where you particularly like your feminine appearance with the bump and feel more confident to have a photo session. This could be at any stage of the pregnancy, and a good maternity photographer will be happy to adapt.

The important thing is to find a photographer who is experienced at maternity pictures. They will anticipate your needs such as rest, refreshments and facilities. They will also know how to show off your bump and create a picture with the right emotion, whatever stage of the pregnancy. If you want your partner involved, be sure to say and a conceptual photographer will design your pictures to include you both.

Upcoming Portraits

Esselle Pictures will be working on more creative family and maternity shoots in the next few weeks. Follow the blog to see new pictures.

Little Stars at Brighton!



These pictures were taken during stormy weather at Brighton this weekend. There was an amazing upbeat atmosphere as we all braved it together. The second picture is a flock of starlings who also joined the party. At this time of year you have a pretty good chance of seeing them all grouped together doing their aerobatics on the coast. Its phenomenal to watch.

Portrait Posture



During a recent shoot at Coombe Woods, Croydon, we got a picture of me sitting in a tree at a very bad angle. It makes me look very weird indeed! When you compare this with the picture I took of my client above, you can see the difference that the angle of the camera, as well as positioning a client nicely, can make. Yes, portrait posture really is important!

How we do love to be beside the seaside!


I captured this joy filled image in the very late summer on the same day as yesterday’s post. I can give away the secret to the amazing atmosphere that filled the West Sussex coast that day – it was early October and really hot! A rarity indeed in this part of the world and an unexpected gift.

“Exploring by The Light of the Moon”

Walker Portrait

I took this portrait in late summer on the West Sussex Coast. It is my husband in the picture. He loves exploring, and will identify species of birds when he goes walking. I think this image captures his personality perfectly, as he enquiries and seeks to discover. I love combining my love of the beautiful outdoors with artisitic portrait photography.

Wild Deer Roaming Around London!


Yes these deer live in London’s Richmond Park Nature Reserve. In fact the deer were here long before London as we know it. The park is miles wide and although managed, left mainly to nature. People love this park so much they even get married inside it, at its Pembroke Lodge manor house. I was fortunate to grow up very nearby and have many fond family memories here. Nowadays I love to visit and capture pictures here and the Royal Parks is one of the charities I support.